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We welcome everyone to be part of our business network and advertisements however there are rules that everyone need to consider to protect everyone’s interest.
As a rule of thumb, here are important things that you need to consider:

Never spam messages or advertisements.

Sending too many messages that looks repeatitive and trying to bother anyone is prohibited. Never also create too many advertisements that looks non-sense or repetitive.

SSB has the right to block your account

If we found out that you have activity that leads to the destruction of our service quality, we block your account. You can contact us to explain yourself and we then investigates your account.

SSB reviews your advertisement and profile and deny if necessary.

Before posting your advertisement or profile, we first review it. To make sure that your advertisement or profile will be approved, please see more Rules below.

Never disclose contact information in your profile and advertisements

Disclosing your contact information will expose you to other people that will try to cheat. Also never try to include contact information of any other person or business. You advertisement or profile will be disapproved if contact information is included.

You should be honest and accurate

Be honest and put correct information only. Never put in your profile or advertisements any misleading information or any information that will confused your viewers.

Prohibited Businesses

Your profile or advertisement should not show that you are engaged to any of our prohibited businesses. View our list of prohibited businesses.

Prohibited materials

Do not include in your advertisement or profile any of our prohibited material. View our lists of prohibited materials.

You should top up your premium advertisement's balance to activate your advertisement

Your balance will be user by our pey-per-click system when someone clicks your advertisement.

SSB has the right to block ip address from accessing the site

SSB blocks ip address to prevent some attempts to destructs SSB’s service quality.

Topped-up balance is non refundable

You cannot refund the balance of your advertisement. All payments are final.